Turant Customs – Next generation reform for Ease of Doing Business: Govt.

The Government of India vide Circular No. 09/2019-Customs dated February 28, 2019 introduced next generation of reform called ‘Turant Customs’ for ease of doing business, which includes the following key elements to be implemented in next few months:

  • In terms of the Bill of Entry (Electronic Integrated Declaration and Paperless Processing) Regulations, 2018, importers or their authorized persons would be able to themselves register the goods online on the ICEGATE web portal after the goods have arrived (and not after payment of duty, as at present). This self-registration would further reduce the time of clearance besides freeing the Customs officers for handling other important items of work. 
  • New concept of Customs Compliance Verification (‘CCV’) is being introduced in Customs clearance process, which would operate after an importer registers imported goods (even before payment of Duty or while payment of Duty is in process).
  • New features in ICES 1.5 of granting clearance post CCV will continue to be subject to interdictions from Risk Management System (RMS), alerts from agencies like Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and other local contingencies which are already part of inbuilt checks in ICES. 
  • Changes have been made in ICES 1.5 for clearance of imported goods after finalization of assessment and payment of Duty. 

The Notification can be accessed at https://bit.ly/2XUWIkW

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