Legislators urged to relook Sec 304A IPC punishment: SC

Concerned over nonchalant attitude of the drivers, the Supreme Court of India urged legislators to consider enhancing the sentence for causing death due to rash and negligent driving.

“The lawmakers should scrutinize, re-look and re-visit the sentencing policy in Section 304A, IPC. We say so with immense anguish”, the Court said.

“The protagonists, as we perceive, have lost all respect for law. A man with the means has, in possibility, graduated himself to harbor the idea that he can escape from the substantive sentence by payment of compensation. Neither the law nor the court that implements the law should ever get oblivious of the fact that in such accidents precious lives are lost or the victims who survive are crippled for life which, in a way, worse then death. Such developing of notions is a dangerous phenomenon in an orderly society. Young age cannot be a plea to be accepted in all circumstances”, the Court observed while considering the effect of payment of compensation during the proceedings.

The Court said, “It seems to us driving in a drunken state, in a rash and negligent manner or driving with youthful adventurous enthusiasm as if there are no traffic rules or no discipline of law has come to the centre stage.”

Section 304A Indian Penal Code underlines a maximum punishment of two years in prison with fine.

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