DGCA Issues New Regulations on Medical Fitness of Cabin Crew

Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued, for the first time, Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) for the medical examination of the cabin crew. The CAR prescribes the requirement of body mass index (BMI) and rules for disposal of high BMI cases in terms of overweight and obese cabin crew.

The aviation regulator body has issued Civil Aviation Requirements Section 7, cabin crew medical standards, series-C part 2, prescribing requirements for initial and renewal medical examination equivalent to Class 2 medical examination. These requirements have been issued under the provisions of Rule 38B of Aircrafts Rule 1937 which state that cabin crew must remain medically fit to discharge duties in inflight operations including aircraft emergency as specified in the Operations Manual. Taking into consideration the ageing process and requirement of agility to perform cabin safety duty efficiently, frequency of medical examinations for the cabin crew has been prescribed as under :

(i) Once every four years till the age of 40 years

(ii) Once every two years till the age of 50 years

(iii) Yearly above 50 years of age

Based on the medical report, the cabin crew shall be categorised as fit, temporary unfit and permanent unfit. The CAR prescribes guidelines for disposal of cases of temporary unfit cabin crew and also the permanent unfit cabin crew. The CAR also lays down the appellate mechanism in cases of any grievance against the medical examination.

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