ICAI to modify its guidelines regarding the grant of writers/scribes to differently abled persons: DHC

The Delhi High Court has directed The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (‘ICAI’) to modify its guidelines regarding the grant of writers/scribes during examination to the differently abled persons.
The directions issued are: –
(i) ICAI shall prepare, at least in major cities, its own panel of scribes/ writers, to be provided to the differently abled persons on receipt of a written request from them. For this purpose, ICAI may either itself empanel appropriate persons to function as scribes/ writers or it may adopt the panel of scribes/ writers, if any, prepared by other universities/ institutions.
(ii) It shall be open to ICAI to amend its own guidelines so as to deny the facility of engaging private scribes/ writers to the candidates at the places where a panel of scribes/ writers is prepared by it, provided one or more writers/ scribes from such panel are provided to the candidates.
(iii) ICAI shall prepare, within three (3) months, a Schedule of Charges to be paid to the scribes/writers who assist differently abled persons in the examination conducted by it and it shall pay to the scribes/ writers from the panel or reimburse the candidates, wherever candidates are permitted to engage their own writers/ scribes, as per the rates approved by ICAI in this regard.
(iv) There shall be no restriction on change of scribes/ writers and it shall be open to the Superintendent/ In-charge of the examination centre to take an appropriate decision in this regard. This shall come into force forthwith.
(v) The qualifications of the scribes/ writers shall continue to be governed by the existing guidelines.

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